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Activity Barometer


Each holiday featured has an “Activity Level”, describing the level of fitness required to enjoy this holiday to its full. This is just an indicator and full details of activities will be contained in our fact-sheets and on the web pages relating to each booking. We try very hard to make our holidays as accessible as possible but some are simply not suitable for those with impaired health or mobility. Some holidays may have a low Activity Level but certain excursions may have a significantly higher level and will be described in the details of the holiday or excursion. 


We will do everything possible to make excursions available to everyone, or help find a suitable alternative. It will be up to the tour-leader to decide, on the spot, if excursions would be too much for any individual and his/her decision must be accepted as final. It is imperative that we ensure the safety of all of our guests.


Please check with us if you are unsure.


Level 1. Very easy. Most amenities easily accessible. There are few steps and walking distances are not very great, no more than 1/2 mile at any one time. This holiday should suit almost everyone but you should check with us for individual requirements.


Level 2. Probably a few steps and/or slight hills or inclines but nothing too difficult. Most facilities are quite accessible and this holiday should be suitable to almost everyone, except those with severely impaired mobility. Again, please check for individual requirements.


Level 3. Hotel may be on a slope. Excursions may involve quite a few steps. All amenities may not be fully accessible to those with walking difficulties. Excursions may involve train journeys. If you are fit, well and have few walking difficulties or other impairments, then this holiday should be fine. Once again, please check for individual requirements.


Level 4. Quite a lot of walking over uneven surfaces. Many steps encountered at hotels or on excursions. Many facilities are accessible only via steps or long walks. Walking and rail excursions are often included. This holiday is definitely not suitable to anyone with impaired walking, vision or any other debilitating condition. If you book this holiday, you may find you cannot go on some or all of the excursions. In certain circumstances, we may be able to accommodate you but you need to call us to ensure this is the case.


Level 5. This level requires a reasonable level of fitness. Visits to castles, etc., involve long up-hill walks, many steps and possibly high altitude. Excursions may be over mountain paths, involving steep ascents and descents, traversing rough terrain, crossing streams, narrow footbridges, etc. These holidays are definitely not suited to anyone with impaired health or mobility and we will refuse to accept you at the airport or on arrival. Please double check with us before either committing to this holiday or deciding against it. We want to accommodate everyone we can but only if you are fit and able, in this case.